Solo trip to NYC

Solo trip to NYC

My first solo trip. I was so nervous at the beginning but the trip turned out to be the best decision I ever made until then. It made me so powerful and I learned that being alone isn’t a bad thing. It’s cool to do things on your own and not be bounded to another human being. Yes, sometimes you can feel lonely but hey, that’s life. Long story short: This solo trip made me feel so independent and brought me to a new level in life. So if you’re stuck on the decision of making a solo trip or not – you definitely should!

But now, more about New York City:

I booked a hostel in Brooklyn because I needed to travel on a budget. So the first thing I had to do was get from the airport to Brooklyn by subway. 

What I hadn’t considered was how difficult it is to get to your destination in a foreign city without a map app. So I walked around a bit when I got off in Brooklyn, but still found the hostel pretty quickly. Arrived in my room, I met directly a totally nice woman who also came from Germany, but just had a year abroad in Canada behind. We understood each other right away. Later, after I had been awake for almost 27 hours, I just fell tired into bed. The days that followed were incredibly exciting! So long I had dreamed of to travel to New York and now it’s happening!
I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge several times, drove with the Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty, visited a musical on Broadway and my personal highlight was when I looked at the sunset on Rockefeller Center on my penultimate evening.